NDIS Short Term Accommodation

Supported Independent Living

NDIS Short Term Accommodation

When a person living with a disability requires temporary support from professional caregivers or in a dedicated support home, they can turn to Short Term Accommodation options to meet their needs. These accommodations provide a person with disabilities a home that can meet their support needs on a short term basis while a medium or long term solution is determined.

Whether you or your loved one experiences a disability, Maple can provide ample support services with funding from the NDIS to ensure you live your life to the fullest.

How Can Short Term Accommodation Help Someone With A Disability?

Short Term Accommodation can have several benefits. It can help someone living with a disability by introducing them to a different perspective. Spending time away from the usual routine, meeting new people, learning new skills, and immersing in a new community for a short period of time can all contribute to increasing their confidence and independence.

Whether you need to take time out from the family home, your caregiver is unavailable for a short time, or you are transitioning to Supported Independent Living, Short Term Accommodation can be a respite for both you and your family.

What is NDIS Short Term Accommodation?

Short Term Accommodation is accommodation and support for a short time away from your usual home. This can be in a private flat, a group home, or another appropriate setting that meets the needs of the individual.

The NDIS fund supports Short Term Accommodation if your usual support system isn’t available. It can also be used in order to acclimate to new circumstances, to meet new people, or to experience different types and levels of support.

Why Choose Maple for Short Term Accommodation?

Maple Community Services specialises in providing Short Term Accommodation for people with disabilities in any home setting, whether it is shared or in your private home, short term, medium term, or long term.

Our experienced team of Support Workers assist the SIL community to achieve daily tasks. These include: personal care, transport, household chores, shopping, meal preparation, medication assistance, community participation, and so much more.

We are a highly skilled group of experts who will work with you to arrange the kind of care you want and deserve to help you achieve your goals and live more independently. Our specialised SIL Management Team is ready and able to assist you through the whole process including helping with the collation of documents through to NDIS Budget Approvals and Service Delivery.

We are renowned for our extremely fast turnaround and approval times for Referrals. Please reach out to us for help with your SIL, Core Support, Plan Management, and Support Coordination Referral.

Variety of Dwellings

From single occupied Granny Flats, to Apartments and Shared Homes; Maple Community Services has over 20 dwellings located within the greater Sydney Region. Catering for STA, MTA, SIL, and SDA, serve individuals of all situations, requirements and needs.

Superior Service

Our SIL Management Team is active 24/7, always there to support our incredible SIL Community, Support Workers and House Managers no matter what the query, feedback, or issue is. We are trained to provide the best Customer Service in the industry, and that’s why people choose us!

We Are Family

Maple Community Services places a major emphasis on educating our team on the importance of community and family values. When you join Maple as part of our SIL Community; you are joining a family of individuals who care about you, are there for you, and are there to assist you with your needs.

Do I Qualify For NDIS Short Term Accommodation?

Short Term Accommodation is available to those whose usual carers need time off, or are unable to work. It is also available for those transitioning between supports or into SIL. Additionally, it is available to those who want time away from their usual home setting to experience new situations and go back to your home with a new mindset. Funding may depend on the specifics of your NDIS Plan.

For further information about NDIS and Maple Community Services Accommodation, you can learn more here.

Does NDIS Pay for Short Term Accommodation?

Yes, the NDIS can fund Short Term Accommodation for up to 14 days if you or your carer need time away from your usual living situation. It can cover personal care, accommodation, food, and activities you and your provider agree on.

If you’re looking for Short Term Accommodation and want to see what we have to offer, get in touch with us; we’d love to connect and make a plan for your time away with you

The Process


Submit an enquiry and one of our friendly SIL Team Members will call to chat through how Maple can assist you with your Accommodation needs.


We are all about building strong relationships. Hence Maple will work with you to gather as much information as we can to make your transition to your new place as seamless as possible


The Maple Team will assist you in creating a Budget for services required through SIL. Additionally, we will assist with the Submission and Approval Process.


Once your Budget has been approved by NDIA; you’re ready to move into your new dwelling, start receiving your services and achieving your goals

Contact our team to find out how we can help you

The Maple Commitment

Here at Maple, we are committed to achieving your goals! Providing Support is the backbone of our purpose, we listen and act in realtime, and we empower our community through equal opportunities. It is our focus on building relationships with each and every one of our individuals, that sets us apart from the rest.

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